Proper use of Hair Serum

Tips from Tiffany

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When applying hair serum stick to the ends of your hair, not the roots. By applying at your ends, you’ll help smooth out any dry, split ends. Doing so will also keep the hair from being weighed down.

Try Tiffany’s Salon exclusive Erayba HydraKer K15 Argan Mystic Oil, Elixir of Argan oil and natural Oils.

Intense Keratin and Argan Oil therapy, absolute moisturized and renovated hair.
Paraben free, salt free, sulfate free and hypoallergenic perfume.

For damaged hair that needs special care and deep moisture.
Enhanced hair reconstruction from inside out, hair protection, natural shine, nourishing and smoothing effect.
Combine the HydraKer series for different therapy rituals and bring back your hair´s youth and natural beauty.

Extreme hair repair and nourishing, leaves the hair moisturized, smooth and shiny.

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HydraKer K15 argan mystic oil

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