Permanent Cosmetic Eyebrows


Want to have perfect eyebrows?

Are you one of the legions of women unhappy with your eyebrows ?
Do you spend half an hour every morning trying to draw them on, only to see them disappear, smudged away in a matter of minutes ?

Do you long for the perfectly arched, natural brows you either never had or have lost ?

Eyebrows frame the eyes, highlight features and provide expression. Their shape and density are often the first things you notices in a photograph. If you are seeking a permanent and aesthetically pleasing solution, book your appointment with Cindy for your Permanent Cosmetic Brow Treatment.

Whether you pencil in your brows due to years of over-plucking, suffer from hair loss, or simply have very fair coloring, Cindy can make a dramatic change in your life with her Permanent Cosmetic Brow Treatment. Call 940-500-4299 or book your free consultation online.


All Prices INCLUDE One Free Touch Up 4-6 Weeks later

Machine Hairstroke Eyebrows $ 450

Powder Brows $425

Hybrid Combination Brows $450

Ombre Brows $425

Eyebrows with Correction Color $ 500

Touchup by other artists – $350

Color Refresh (my clients only) $250